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If our brain were like velcro, we’d want lessons to be like tennis balls so that any that went in would stick forever.

Unfortunately, the lessons we learn can often be more like sand; some of it sticks for a little while and some of it just passes right through and, after enough time, a lot of it can fall out completely.

So what’s the answer?

Put the sand back in.

It would be a wonderful world if everything you ever heard, did, read or experienced insured you from having to learn a similar lesson ever again in the future.

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Whenever you start learning something new, it can often feel like you’re tumbling down a rabbit hole.

You find out new things so quickly.

And there are so many new things to find out.

And they all seem important.

It can be overwhelming and the result is that you learn about a huge amount of stuff, but you don’t actually learn it in any depth.

The difficulty here is that you don’t know which things are actually important and which things you can leave for later.

Taking advice from people can be even more confusing in this situation if you’re…

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